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         Discover the Power of Salon-Grade Care
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Shiseido Primience Enrich NB 80g

**This is a Salon Exclusive item.**

Primience Enrich
·Provides thorough coverage by reducing the contrast between black and gray hair.
·Clear, deep colors enhance the beauty of mature skin.
·Makes hair lustrous, moisturized and smooth.

S-hyaluronic acid, a highly-functional moisturizing agent developed exclusively, and the DUPLEX Penetration-Enhancing Agent offer a fully-hydrated texture with clear color.
Main Ingredients:
Hydrolyzed pearl protein
A protective care ingredient, hydrolyzed pearl protein, helps repair CMC protein inside the hair. While coloring, it protects mature hair that is deprived of melanin on the inside and is vulnerable to UV damage. As damage inside the hair is reduced, it reduces fading.
Focus on the "function of water" and the "effect of light"

S Hyaluronic acid / Amino ceramide
Double-skin care ingredient - S hyaluronic acid and amino ceramide - are both highly moisturizing. Amino ceramide protects CMC lipids from damage and works together with S hyaluronic acid to retain moisture inside the hair. This helps pigments and conditioning ingredients to efficiently penetrate the hair to archive superior dyeing results and create a fully hydrated smooth texture.

DUPLEX penetration-enhancing ingredient & moisture-rich ingredient
The moisture-rich formula, which maximizes the moisture content in the hair color cream, and the unique coloration enhancing formula featuring the DUPLEX penetration-enhancing ingredient helps pigments and coditioning ingredients efficiently penetrate the innermost core of the hair, achieving outstanding dyeing results, color durability and beautifully clear, deep color.

Multi cuticle care ingredient Selected camellia oil
The selected camellia oil, which cares for the surface of the cuticles, and the multi cuticle ingredient, which works on each of the cuticle's surfaces, cortical and deep layers, enhance the transparency of the cuticle and control light reflection to achieve clear, deep color as well as luster and shine.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 20 cm
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Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 20 cm


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